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Dakota Institute Press launches Kickstarter campaign

Posted on 5/9/2013

CLICK HERE to view the Kickstarter project for "Not All Heroes."

The Dakota Institute Press launched a Kickstarter campaign to underwrite its next book, "Not All Heroes: An Unapologetic Memoir of the Vietnam War, 1791-1972," by Hettinger native Gary Skogen. In "Not All Heroes," Skogen recounts his experiences on army bases away from the frontlines of the Vietnam War, where personnel were comparatively safe from the dangers of enemy attacks.

According to David Borlaug, President of the Dakota Institute, "Not All Heroes" paints an unorthodox picture of the war in Vietnam; one that is cheerful and optimistic, unsullied by the traumas found in traditional war memoirs.

"Gary's story is unique when compared to the majority of war memoirs available, but it's an important story to tell because it is arguably representative of the majority of soldiers serving in Vietnam," Borlaug said. "We knew we had to make this book available to the public, which is why we decided to use Kickstarter to fund the printing."

Kickstarter is an internet platform that allows people to seek donations to fund their creative projects, everything from books and movies to technology and art pieces. Donors to projects receive rewards based on the amount of their contributions. "Not All Heroes" has donation levels from $5 to $5,000, with donors receiving various rewards based on their donation levels.

"As a non-profit, we are always looking for ways to fund our projects," Borlaug said. "Over 40,000 creative projects have been funded through Kickstarter since 2009, so we decided to give it a try."

Anyone interested in contributing to "Not All Heroes" can do so by visiting and clicking the Kickstarter link. The Dakota Institute is looking to raise $36,000 by June 7 in order to reach its goal. Donors will only be charged if the Dakota Institute meets its goal.

"The tricky thing is that Kickstarter is Ďall-or-nothing,' but, we're confident we'll be able to meet our goal," Borlaug said.

The Dakota Institute is part of the Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation in Washburn, ND. "Not All Heroes" will be its ninth book published since 2009.

CLICK HERE to view the Kickstarter project for "Not All Heroes."

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